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Monday, November 2, 2009


This may just kill me.

This month's dare challenge is no junk food allowed. This includes fast food, candy (I miss you sour soothers), ice cream, chips (the like), and most of all CHOCOLATE!!

Today, was not the best day I've ever lived on this planet, and lack of chocolate did not help! So I will resolve the rest of this evening by watching "Kate's Story" on TLC, and at least knowing that I don't have 8 children to support. As the famous maxim goes, this too will pass, this being my chocolate irritability, passing in approximately 27 more days. Also, a recap from last month's challenge:

I am significantly more toned than I was. I loved the results and continue doing squats and sit ups whenever I can.  Hated the push ups though, glad to leave those behind in October. Unfortunately for my May dignity, I  ended up losing the challenge. I totally forget about it whilst studying all day for a midterm. Damn deep concentration! I am not looking forward to a dare, but I did rock that test!

Above, my long lost friends.


  1. I know, that's what everyone has been saying. I just sent to superstore and stocked up on organic healthy treats! No chocolate bars, except in milk form, It's excruciating!

  2. I think the worst of it is probably the fact that it's christmas at starbucks now & i have a special relationship with cranberry bliss bars.

  3. Oh yes, I was eyeing those babies. At least all starbucks drinks are still fair game... minus most of the frapps. Everybody loves Christmas at Starbucks!