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Monday, November 30, 2009

November Nom Noms

November nom noms, here grows (oh man, I should get paid for this):


Broccoli - Tiny trees pleading for your mercy.
Broccolini - The cool taller and slimmer cousin of Broccoli. 
Brussels Sprouts - Belgian infant vegetable. 
Butternut Squash - A load of pish posh.
Cauliflower - Ugliest flower ever, thanks for nothing Cauli. 
Celery Root - Like a re-mix, mash that shit up.
Chard - Surprisingly, less fat than lard.
Collards - I saw her lipstick stains on his collards!! 
Fennel - Guy that made the Philosopher's Stone.
Leeks - For geeks and soup.
Parsnip - So close to being pair (of) nips.
Potatoes - Harry pota's toes.
Pumpkin - Pumped up kin.
Rutabaga - Sounds like a 90s pop song.
Salsify - Satisfy with salsify. 
Sweet Potatoes - What Ginny thinks of them.
Sunchoke - What the Sopranos would do if they met the giant star over a 'long winter'. 
Turnips - Even closer to being Turning Nips.

Fruits (Now the shits got seeds!): 

Cranberries - Clean that colon! 
Kiwi Fruit - Because Kiwis are fruits!  
Persimmon - Sounds like a liquor. 
Pomegranate - Po, me, and Gran ate. 
Tamarillo - Assuming only amardillos eat this.
Tangerines - The middle child of the Orange family. 

Le Poisson, le poisson, hee he hee, ho ho ho: 

Clams - Juice them!
Crab - Not as fun to attain as crabs. 
Mussels - HGH, Protein!!!
Oysters - Sounds like an eclectic film writer's last name.  
Scallops - Another great victory for bacon wrapping.

Eat in season, cause it's freezin'. 

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