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Monday, November 9, 2009

My Honey-do-list From Mother Nature

Here is a list of all of my green endevours, products, habits... you get it all the things that allow me to say that I am an aspiring environmentalist:

- I don't drive. I take transit, and if I did yield a vehicle (Caution) it would be one extremely fuel efficient car-pooled wonder.
- I've recycled any and anything even before the blue bins were instated... Have a huge pet peeve when people put non-recyclables in my clearly marked bin.
- I use all natural home made deodorant that consists of pure organic coconut oil, and baking soda.  It actually works, naturally moisturizes, and smells amazing
- I use organic, fair-trade, sustainably packaged face cream,  currently Freeman brand.
- I use bars of all natural locally made face and body wash, from the Rocky Mountain Soup Company.  I keep them in reused plastic tampon cases for travel.
- *Boys don't read this point. Seriously, I am warning you out of caring, don't.* I don't need my tampon case because I use a Diva Cup. At first I was terrified, but now it's totally natural (pun intended).
- I use 100% recycled packaging fair trade body lotion, currently it's Dewberry from The Body Shop.
- I use the term I use too often when I start sentences.
- I use LUSH bath bombs, massage bars ( great for use as body butter), and cuticle oil. I am dreaming of some mint solid shampoo, and perhaps a vanilla solid perfume. First have to use what I already have of course.
- All of my school notebooks are either reused, or made from 100% post recycled materials.
- I buy my dog biodegradable doggie bags. My mom usually urks me and gets plastic bags at supermarkets to use instead. Whenever I have extra cash I get her eco-poopy bags to try and counterbalance.
- I only ever get a plastic bag at a store when I don't have a purse/ tote on me to carry purchases with. If that's the case, I ask for a medium sized bag, so that all of my purchases can fit inside.
- I use Eco-dent, biodegradable, vegan, sustainably packaged floss... although really, I only use it right before a trip to the dentist
- I have several biodegradable pens for school and love my staple-less stapler.
- I bought a snuggie to keep me warm in the winter ( I am wearing it in the midst of writing this blog entry), instead of increasing the heat.
- I have a three outlet plug that connects to my printer, tv, and dvd player. All can be easily unplugged with one fowl pull when I leave my room.
- So long as it's daylight, I don't turn the light on when I take a shower, or go to the bathroom. This is partially due to the fact that I am slightly afraid of the dark. My mom beats me in this respect she always showers in the dark with candles on.
- I take sailor showers in luke-warm-warm water.
- I open my arms to all of my very fashionable friend's old clothing and bored with items and I give all of my old clothes away to charity.
- I try and buy used textbooks whenever I can and always sell my books again.
- I get a lot of my boots repaired instead of buying new ones. Ahem, minus that one incident (Mother) of which we shall not speak (perhaps yelling is better) including a certain pair of beautiful blue suede heeled wonders.
- I walk whenever the weather permits. Especially if I know the way and it takes less than 45 minutes.
- I always take the stairs unless it's over 5 flights, I have cargo, or a friend who won't join.
- I always let my hair air dry, and rarely use styling products or curling/straightening irons
- I usually wear clothes 2-3 times or before it starts to smell, or becomes stained before I wash it.
- I own an aluminum macbook, supposedly the greenest notebook yet.
- I am involved in a student group that educates and engages students in the integration of energy, environment, and economy.
- I shed a silent tear whilst looking into an oilsands pit
- I go to the farmers market every other week, and buy local organic food, and goodies there.
- Although I take planes to Europe every summer, I always stay in small towns or cities. Where I don't get into a vechile for over a month at a time,  get around by walking, and always eat and drink local
- I eat/enjoy my mom's garden grown herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes.
- I have found an organic, all natural no preservative, better tasting, and wait for it.... less caloric Vitamin Water. I love planet organic!
- I asked my parents to take me on a planet organic shopping spree for my birthday... and perhaps order me some 100% Pure make-up. Sometimes a girl just wants black berry died natural mascara packaged in post consumer plastic.
- I always have organic milk at home.
- I like to buy things in bulk. Costco is amazing, as are savings of over 90% every-time I have a homemade iced chai tea latte.
- I use a tumbler for my coffee.
- I use a water bottle for my water and smoothies.
- I like using aromatherapy instead of air freshners and sprays.
- I always turn the tap off whilst brushing and lathering.
- I turn off all the lights in people's houses that I see aren't being used...yay for creepy good deeds!
- I don't eat beef or pork, and try and limit my meat to one meal a day, with one day of the week totally vegetarian. Most of the time I accidentally eat veggie so, yahoo!
- I own several pairs of bamboo socks.
- I purchase music from iTunes or download from blogs, and haven't bought a CD in over 5 years.
- I never print pictures, FB albums are a gift people. Always check the comment, they make the pictures.
- I hand re-sow on buttons, and mend holes.
- I use organic, all-natural, sustainably packaged shampoos and conditions. Current favorite is J.A.S.O.N's  Apricot conditioner.
- I Recently switched to organic yogurt. Luckily, it tastes just as good, and isn't greater than 50 cents more expensive per package.
- I am constantly thinking of new ways to lessen my impact. I believe it's all about what you're individually capable of and comfortable with.

My acts alone may not save the adorable (Coca-Cola) polar bears, but that doesn't make them meaningless. Even the most miniscule change is still a green change.

Show Mother Nature you care.

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