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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I always make a wish.

Today, several came true. I am in the most beautiful city in the country, with my best friend. Surely, a remembrance day to remember. Here are my favorite things about Montreal already (it's been two hours):
  • The giant over-pass highways, that appear extremely collapsable. 
  • The teal copper church tops.
  • The white street signs, and beautiful street names.
  • The pretty leaves all over the city.
  • The Jesuit residence; extreme irony will ensue.
  • The town-house shops and their exterior signage.
  • Best tasting Starbucks latte I've ever had. 
  • The music/psychology area at Concordia, where music is always playing. 
  • Bee's door decoration of small bumble bees.
  • Hearing Bee sing from the shower. :) I missed her. 
  • How there seems to be art shows, museums, and churches everywhere. 
  • The magnitude of hole in the wall, cheap, yet delicious restaurants. 
  • Um, essentially everything! Even the french! 

Seriously wish I could transfer universities right about now!

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