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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My favorite Croatian song is Cesarica by Oliver Dragojevic (A Korculan like myself). The english translation of the title is Queen. Here is the best english translation I could find of the poem like lyrics. It's so beautiful, I nearly cry every time I hear it; it's basically our second national anthem. 


The golden threads of the summer's dawn
have come to her room
to wake up my love
Let the light kiss her face
 beautiful as a queen's
when I can't kiss her

The golden netting of her body
caught hold of my soul
just to through it back into the sea
every night before dawn
I enter her room
the white room of my grievances

My whole life I've been waiting for her
to find a way into her heart
My whole life my body has been without her
like a flower without water

Sources: WeHeartIt

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