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This is my brain:

Monday, December 20, 2010


Packed with cognition this week features: study tracks, comparing and contrasting, visualization, categorization, and inquiry. 
Source: WeHeartIt

239/365: Hey Big Bang, Superhumanoids.
Great study song: Slow tempo, soothing voice, indiscernible lyrics.

Now time for some compare and contrast:

240/365: Little Bit, Lykke Li.
"I think I'm a little bit, little bit in love with you."

241/365: Little Bit, 50-Cent.
"All a nigga really needs is a little bit, not a lot baby girl but a little bit."
They're essentially the same song.

242/365: Balloons, Foals.
We fly balloons on this field called love.

243/365: Never Forget You, Noisettes.
Daydreamed what the main singer looked like and I was dead on! Vertically engaged hair and all!

244/365: Girls, Calvin Harris.
I like them tall girls, I like them short girls I like them brown hair girls, I like them blonde hair girls.

245/365: The Lemon Song, Led Zeppelin.
My favorite Zeppelin song. What's yours? #DontSayStairwayToHeaven

34 down, 18 to go!


  1. my favorite led zeppelin song has always been "fool in the rain" kinda cliche.. but I was always a jimi hendrix kinda girl, anyhow. :]

  2. Oh, I don't actually think I've heard that one in years!
    I feel like my classic music taste is limited to the extreme obsession with vinyl I had in junior high.

    I once had a dream that I was in Jimi Hendrix's dream which inspired him to write Purple Haze. Haha, that made me feel fairly special.
    You should feature more of your playlists on your blog!