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Sunday, December 5, 2010


This week was edgy; ideal for describing me as a person.

Source: WeHeartIt

217/365: On The Run, Sam Roberts.
Baby you got me on the run, you have me hiding from the sun.
This is our song and it is also great for running.

218/365: Wamp Wamp /Knife, Girl Talk remix.
This song makes me feel tougher than The Situation's Situation.

219/365: Santeria, Sublime.
This song reminds me of the coolest/kindest guy I used to work with in high school. He told me to read Of Mice and Men.

220/365: Cult Logic, Miike Snow.
A current study track. Made graphing cost relationships exponentially better. Also, it's an oxymoron, yay!

221/365: Rich Doors, New Villager.
Am I high or is this song uber freaking awesome? Perhaps both, uber.

222/265: Always Where I Need To Be, The Kooks.
Cause I'm always where I need to be, and always in the mood for The Kooks. This song always reminds me of my lovely celiac friend - SHOUT OUT!

223/365: We Are The People, Empire of the Sun.
We are the people that rule the world, bustling in every boy and girl.

31 down, 21 to go

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