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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Refreshing, a week of almost entirely new listens. Hate it when people keep their new finds to themselves up until the point when the song becomes popular and they pipe up about discovering it first. No alternative music superiority complexes here my friends, just some fresh beats. :)

Source: WeHeartIt

224/365: Body of Years, Mother Mother.
Their songs give you the sense they're having fun playing together, thus spurring dance parties.

225/365: May You Never, Land of Talk.
Worthy of a Twilight Saga soundtrack, that really says a lot.

226/365: Repeaterbeater, Mew.
Sometimes I got nothing to say, nothing to sing about. (Improper grammar is only acceptable in song format.)

227/365: Love Lust, King Charles.
Never let a woman go, even when you know she can always be replaced, she can always be replaced.

228/365: Ambling Alp, Yeasayer. 
Stick up for yourself son, never mind what anybody else does. This has been a PSA courtesy of me.

229/365: Change of Heart, El Perro Del Mar.
Under the category "Chamber Pop" on my iTunes Genius Mixes.

Def: Chamber Pop is a term used in reference to Indie Pop artists like Belle & Sebastian, who are influenced by the 60s Baroque Pop artists.

230/365: Get Some, Lykke Li.
You're very "likely" to love getting some.

32 down, 20 to go! 

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