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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A week of studying and partying culminates into this sporadic playlist. This was also in the midst of Halloween, Lily Allen's sad news, and Countess LuAnn's single drop! 

Source: WeHeartIt

231/365: Wilco The Song, Wilco.
Wilco singing about Wilco while I'm listening to Wilco.

232/365: Forget About Dre, Dr.Dre Feat. Eminem.
This hip-hop classic appears to be the only thing that actually makes me focus on MGST.

233/365: Thriller, Michael Jackson.
Would be Halloween pick, but it was belated due to my perpetual hangover.

234/365: Something Good Can Work, Two Door Cinema Club.
Something good can work, and it can work for you, and you know that it will.

236/365: F**k You, Lilly Allen.
What she has to say to certain Bieber fans. I love & support her, actually paid for both of her CDs! :)

237/365: Giving Up, Ingrid Michaelson.
The opposite of what you think the song will be about. This is real romance.

238/365: Money Can't Buy You Class, Countess LuAnn.
It also can't make your voice not sound like a drag queen. Hilarious. The Real Housewives are amongst the most entertaining women alive; click link for the amazing music video.

33 down, 19 to go! 

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