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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I has just finished with my full-time work term this week. Thus, this playlist is very well rested. Additionally, I had just discovered The Bed Intruder Phenomena. 

Source: FFFound
189/365: Odessa, Caribou.
The soundtrack to an indie heist.

190/365: All I Do Is Win, Ludacris, T-pain, and every rapper ever.
This is what I imagine Steve Jobs listens to for breakfast.

191/365: The Youth, MGMT.
Just watched The Kids Are Alright, this was the first song on the soundtrack. Exceptional.

192/365: Fortune, Little Dragon.
Finding new study tunes, one of my most fortunate new finds.

193/365: First Time High, Of Montreal.
Don't you know, don't you know that I, am not just searching for a first time high.

194/365: DLZ, TV On The Radio.
About time I featured this classic. Dancing to this actually made me render a nose bleed, epic.

195/365: Bed Intruder Song, Antoine Dodson.
And hide your husband cause they're rappin' errbody out here.

27 down, 25 to go! 

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