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Sunday, November 7, 2010


My love for autotunes will never cease. Most of this week's songs feature me kicking it old school with some of the last decade's best tracks, and 80's movie soundtrack favorites. Enjoy the innervating of your auditory nerves. 

Source: WeHeartIt

196/365: Double Rainbow Song.
Best part of the entire piece: "What does this mean?"

197/365: You Remind Me Of A Girl, Usher.
I had this song stuck in my head for days, was brought on by a female customer reminding me of a girl (bitch) that I once knew.

198/365: I Try, Macy Gray.
This song is so beautiful, I think everyone should rediscover it.

199/365: Sexi Plexi, Jack Johnson.
This entire CD is a vivid memory recalled by my temporal lobe.

200/365: Coquet Coquette, Of Montreal.
Coquet Coquette you know I won't forget, this was my 200th song!

201/265: The Laws Have Changed, New Pornographers.
An ideal mixture of Musical worthy vocals, and baroque beats.

202/365: Shake It Up, The Beatles.
In respect of to the musical number in Ferris Bueller.

28 down, 24 to go! 

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