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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ravishing Rooms

My use of alliteration both amuses and disgusts me. I do hope you appreciate my use of the english language, because I sacrifice my literary soul to make this post sound interesting. Onward, some ravishing rooms: 

It was Kernel Mustard, in the bedroom, with the headboard. 

Or was he in the sitting room? 

Not so boring beiges. (I am putty in alliteration's alluring arms.)

I can literally smell roses when I look at this. Synesthesia inducing style. 

Mail's for you. 

Waiting for Santa, with a prayer for snow.

Cuckoo clocks and bean bags. I also sometimes don't mind cats. 

Ready for my dirty naked body. 

The moulding, the arch, the windows; hate the foot rest. 

The Adam's Family House after the reno. 

My picturesque street corner, no hookers or stop signs allowed. 

Just because you're sleeping on a couch doesn't mean you can't dream of chandeliers. 

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