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Monday, October 25, 2010

Outcrop of October

It's fall and more things are in season than just pumpkins. Here is a list of what to buy at the grocery store this month, because it'll be cheaper and taster this time of year.

Sources: FFFOUND

artichoke - Can be shaped into a bird - view image above.
bell peppers - The most musical veggies around
beet - May have spoken too soon about bell peppers.
broccolini - The rich person's broccoli.
brussels sprouts - Not made by Spacely Space Sprockets.
butternut squash - Not at all nutty or buttery... false advertising.
cauliflower - Dressing up as the ghost of Broccoli for halloween.
celery root - Where's the celery? How can one be in season and not the other?
chard - I'm only familiar with the swiss variety.
collards - Don't know what these are... too lazy to Google.
fennel - Recommended by Laura Calder for salads, recipe included in click.
garlic - Twi-hard teens throughout the world are boycotting it.
leeks - Green Onions on steroids
parsnip - Sounds like a plastic surgery procedure.
potatoes (maincrop)  - Mash, fry, roast, scallop, bake, etc.
pumpkin - The quintessential crop of October, pies and jack-o-laterns!
rutabaga - Sounds like the name of a VW vehicle designed in the 70s.
spinach - Ideal if you want to be PopEye for Hallow's Eve, or if you have an iron deficiency.
sweet potatoes - Constantly being taken advantage of by the other potatoes.
sunchoke - Still reminds me of what Darth Vador would do to the sun - "Force Choke"
wild mushrooms - Always the outcast among the civilized and modest mushrooms.

I made a delicious cauliflower and old cheddar soup using three of these veggies yesterday. The recipe can be found here, courtesy of Nadia G. 

Squash that looks like a duck (which is also in season right now). 


almonds - Skillfully sugar coated by my mother.
apples - I like to eat eat eat, epples and benenes, I like to oat oat oat, opples and bononos.
chestnuts - Considerably less burly than the hairy-chestnuts
cranberries - Help if it hurts when you pee.
PEARS - Should be eaten in threes.
pomegranate - Falsely accused by POM to have been the cause of Eve's initial sin.

Adorable almond owl cake with candy corn. 

Dress your child as a Lobster for Halloween, it's in season... hee hee hee.

clams - Not to be juiced and mixed with tomato juice, uck!
lobsters - Like Ross and Rachel
scallops - To thank for all the pearl necklaces... the real ones you pervs.

I can't profess enough how committed I am to loving seafood. Yum. 

Eating in season makes you sexier, true story. 

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