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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1000 X 9 Words

A guy in my management studies class didn't understand why 10,000 grams was 10 kilograms. He took 5 minutes out of class time (approximately costing me $3.13 of my course fees) to argue with the teacher regarding this incredibly perplexing matter. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a picture of this incident, however, I can provide you with other amusing images. This is the 5th installation of my life in iPhone pictures (soon to be iPhone 4 pictures, eek!)

My letter opener is a stoner. Note, this letter opener does not represent the views or opinions of ATB Financial or its staff in any way. The company does not condone the use  of  marijuana or googly eyes.

I can't believe Hayden Panettiere sold out to sell Snookie Bumpits! And with such artistic license taken on her forehead, you think she would never agree to something like this...

Baby goat in a petting zoo in the middle of a mall, you know you're in the pathetic side of town when.. 

Creepiest print ad in the Herald ever, apparently The Joker has been selling condos. 

Mini outhouse lawn ornament in my neighborhood. I was incredibly tempted to put my dog's fresh poop bag in it. 

I nearly broke a neural circuit trying to decide whether it's or its should be placed here. Bus benches should never make you think that hard. For the record: I think its would have been more appropriate. 

Pizza and hot dogs on a stick, Calgary Stampede 2010. 

The majestically captured shot of myself discussing wacky dance moves with Alex Ebert (lead singer- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros). The picture was taken just in time for me to close my eyes and Sam's finger to cop a feel on Alex. 

I found NEMO, at Tim Horton's in the middle of a hall way in West Edmonton Mall. 

My summer sans Europe = tropical fish in malls and food on a stick, get me out of this country. 


  1. Hmm, I'm gonna say that "it's" is the better fit. Not like I didn't stare at it and think about it.

  2. On second thought (WHY IS THIS KEEPING ME AWAKE?) I think its works just as well. I guess it depends.

    We should fire the company that thought of this slogan. They should come to us instead. Obvs.

  3. A little searching led me to this post. This person had the same question:

    Sanja, you have just distracted me for 30 minutes on it's and its. Well done.

    I heart grammar rules. And Internet sleuthing.