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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


 A more subdued listening entree for the contemplative palette. Ace of Base is totally soothing, shut up. 
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Day 98/365: When You Love Somebody, The Fruit Bats
I was feeling mushy lovely dovey today, not that far off from how I feel most days.

Day 99/365: Dearest, Buddy Holly
A prelude to the beautiful ever so dear Canadian east. AKA, I went to Toronto for a wedding.

Day 100(Triple effing digits!)/365: Swallowed in the Sea, Coldplay
This song is a poem, this song is my emotion, this song is short, this song is long, this song.

Day 101/365: Stadium Love, Metric
Ah the circle of life via Emily Haine's fucked up interpretations, I forever envy her. She would bet on nature.

Day 102/365: When You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Bryan Adams
My most beloved love song played at the first wedding I ever attended this night. Needless to say I cried like a baby. Also some guy is playing the drums in the video for his "Love" GUSH!

Day 103/365: I Saw The Sign, Ace of Base
This was obviously a very philosophical piece regarding omens.... or not. Came into my head via neuron shuffle algorithm.  Watch this solely for the hilariously 90s music video.

Day 104/365: Still, Great Lake Swimmers
An ode to the great lakes. You don't smell of sea brime, but I 'still' adore you.

15 down, 37 to go!

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