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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The T-dot and Other Beautiful Sights

Last week I made my first trip to Toronto and its GA. So far I'm infatuated with eastern Canada and fully intend on moving there after my degrees. Here are the sights/arguments against Calgary. 

A typical inner city neighborhood, the Houses are all unique (Goodbye carbon copy CGY suburbs) and remind me of Ireland. Also, the entire city is engulfed with forest and greenery (I hate concrete). 

The best words in the entire world, surrounded by flowers! 

First view of Lake Ontario, I could spend all day here! The Boardwalk goes on for miles! 

There are roses growing everywhere. Really made me miss my boo. 

This could be a picture from St. Stephen's Green in Dublin. <3 

This is the effing Library. It's so beautiful and makes you look smarter, win. 

I literally stopped and smelled the roses every day. 

More of the fresh water mini sea. 

The Starbucks there even has full container recycling. A huge difference from the three full garbages at my local Bucks. 

Niagara falls! The trip behind them was amazing! 

Pizza Pizza is an institution in Toronto. I'm not a huge fan but, at least their advertising and marketing is effective. 

The Bicycle Tree, Toronto Island. 

Oh, Canada! 

T-dot downtown! 

Travel, it's good for you!

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  1. I love Toronto. SO much to see and do in Ontario in general.