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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


All of my numbering is wrong because I tweet and walk, but here it is: another week in the iTunes of moi!

Source: WeHeartIt

Day 91/365: I'm so Fly, Lloyd Banks
Because, let's all face the truth, I am ever so fly. Also, a pilot's theme song.

Day 92/365: On Call, Kings of Leon
Made this a ring tone, brilliance I know. 

Day 93/365: I'll Be There For You, The Rembrants
Bought a lot of Friends seasons and made my first Friends montage: 

Day 94/365: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, The Beatles
I have a playlist in my Music Listography that states: "List songs you take advice from." This is the first on the list, advice - "Life goes on." Also,  I love songs you can sing before you hear them.

Day 95/365: Where's My Money, TC
Celebrated my new found employment with this crude drum&bass song about drug deals gone array. YAY!

Day 96/365: Sunshine, Matt Costa 
One of many beloved Costa songs, he definitely looked at me during the concert(s).

Day 97/365: Momma Told Me, Crystal Waters
My momma actually didn't tell me about this song, but I love her none the less.

14 Down, 38 to go!

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