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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Overdose on Adorableness

A seal trying to see. :)

Bambi in hand!

Jessica Simpson approved Plat-ta-ma-pusses

Painted piglets! 

Big horse head! 

My heart is a pile of mush. Take everything you want! 

Sloth snuggles! 

Happy Hippo  bathing! 

My baby blue sitting like a person. 

Pictures from: Animal Zone, FFFound, and my iPhone

My name is Sanja, and I'm addicted to cute animals. 


  1. omg! That little dear!!! and off topic, that link you sent me was the funnest thing EVER. I totally needed that today!

  2. Isn't the deer adorable? Makes me want to watch Bambi 100 times over.
    Haha you're welcome, but really you should thank web 2.0 it made my completely spontaneous finding of your blog and that video happen!