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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life Imitates Art, Imitates Life.

I have forsaken you wonderful blog readers. Yes, thanks to Google Analytics I legitimately know you're out there, and am not just speaking to an online box. What isn't Legit however, is how long it's been since I've presented you with a posting about modern art. So here it is, my artonement. 

Alexa Meade's astonishingly executed, invincibly creative painted people pictures: 

Note the hair. Alexa Meade herself, the artist becomes the art. 

Natura Morta

Note: Spectators.

The only time it would have been awesome to be on the bus! 

Ok, alright, sit down, stand up, let's get this correct: He's been painted to look a part of an actual painting, he is a live human, and a picture has been taken of him that looks like a painting. Brilliant. 

It's like a game of NAME THAT ART MEDIUM! 

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