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Saturday, June 5, 2010


The I can't believe it's already June playlist: 
Source: WeHeartIt

Day 84/365: Afraid of Everyone, The National
Because none of us have the drugs to sort it out. Had a discussion about how awesome The National is, still don't think it's anywhere near the adoration Blisslist gives them. <3

Day 85/365: Daylight, Matt & Kim
The song I put on during a road trip and several of my friends put in their iPods... I now judge them severely. 

Day 86/365: My Boys, Taken by Trees
This song goes out to my guy friends and our mutual putting up with each other. 

Day 87/365: Willow Tree, Chad Vangaalen
Beautiful spring song. Actually, all of his songs are amazingly poetic and soothing. 

Day 88/365: TiK ToK (Mass Brother's Remix), Ke$Ha
As played at the bar the night that I deemed myself and everyone else AWESOME!! Yahoo for knowing bouncers and avoiding 2 hour lines. 

Day 89/365: Breakfast (Feat. Skeleton by Kate Nash), Chiddy Bang 
Today I saw pictures of my own skeleton. Which is surprisingly very cool, much like this song. Could only find the Kate Nash version of the video, sorry. 

Day 90/365: This is the Dream of Win and Regine, Owen Pallett 
Montreal via song format, awaiting Bee's dance interpretation. 

13 down, 39 to go! 

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