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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A my own two legs can take me there, the food is grown closer than where you travel to go skiing, LOCAL, featured eco-product/restaurant:

Source: FARM Website

The words "I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life" were never more accurate. Who would have thought that within walking distance from my house (zero-emissions) lies this gem of a locally run restaurant. FARM specializes in Wine and Cheese and is almost 100% locally sourced, I think the deal is that for food they stick to Alberta, and stay within Canada & the US for alcohol and cheese.  But that's not the only feat making them eco-friendly, they also are decorated with refinished antique furniture (orgasm) and use old milk jugs as water pitchers and old porcelain tea plates & clothes pins as receipt holders. 

Being that I work at one of the most distinguished restaurants in town, I couldn't help but be critical of everything from the service, to the apparent kitchen cleanliness. So, after thorough inspection, I still give this place 10 carbon offsets out of 10! Not to mention the food was delicious: My friend and I shared a fresh spring greens salad and each had homemade (they make the cheese there) Mac N' Cheese. I also enjoyed an Aprikat ale straight from the not so far off north Edmonton ( but that and the mall is all the credit I give you!).  Lastly, the prices were (wait for it...) TOTALLY reasonable! All together I paid $26 including Tip&GST for 1/2 salad, a very filling Mac n' Cheese (even though it was a 'small' order) and a beer. Lest we forget this meal was 100% Alberta grown and made, talk about stimulating the local economy. I will definitely be going back in the next month, just wish they still had fondue week going on, although perhaps if that were the case the amount I spend there may become unreasonable. I urge you to give it a try for your next outing or lunch date, location 17th avenue and 10ST right beside Stealing House. 

My delicious, truly Albertan $26 dollar meal (take that Stampede pickles on a stick)

Ya'll going to the FARM later? It should be a very sophisticated evening, they even have chandeliers.  

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