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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Photography, it's the major hobby/possible profession for about 50% of the people I know. Having recently blissfully unearthed our old Holga I realized how much film and paper would be used in its photo development. Thus, I had to consider a way to lessen my everyday picture taking environmental impact.  By utilizing Instagram (a free iPhone picture editing and posting app) daily instead of the  lomographic original I won't feel guilt for the times when I do decide to use a plastic camera to capture moments on disposable film which develops on paper.

Download the app and start sharing artsy fartsy pictures with your friends. No paper, scanning, or facebook required.

Environmental alternatives, there's an app for-get it I can't say it.  


  1. I thought of you at the gym today. I accidentally and regretfully left my phone in the car and I saw the perfect opportunity to take a creeper picture of an unsuspecting and hilariously dressed stranger. (That might be the longest sentence I've ever written.

  2. That is hilarious, I'm sad you didn't take the picture! I always think of you whenever I see bagel thins or try and calculate how much time I have left in my workouts. Haha.