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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Nudity - the unintentional theme of this week's music. I will argue that all of these songs are either blatant about getting naked or are romantic enough to suggest putting on your birthday suit.

Source: We Heart It

309/365: No I In Threesome, Interpol.
I only listen to this song for its name.

310/365: Nude, Radiohead.
Internet overload is actually giving me vertigo. Listening to this song right now isn't helping. Hallucinating.

311/365: Never Hear Surf Music Again, Free Blood.
"There must be some fucking chemical, chemical in your brain." Intro to 127 hours.

312/365: Lovely Day, Bill Withers.
Just one look at you and I know it's gonna be a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day...

313/365: Ca Plane Pour Moi, Plastic Bertrand.
French song that encourages people to get naked; also it's a very popular media song.

314/365: Million Years, Alexander Ebert.
Keep telling myself he wrote this song about me after our brief encounter.

315/365: Where Else Is There, Royksopp.
"If I am the storm, If I am the one." Still haven't decided if she knows what she's saying.

44 Down, 8 to go! 

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