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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three Tweets

Just letting all of you Twitter appreciators know that I have featured a feed of my 3 most recent tweets on the bottom of this webpage.

I am also starting 365 days of music tomorrow, which will entail me naming a song of the day for an entire year via twating. I solemnly swear to feature: obscure indie finds, my favorite songs, nostalgic pop classics, and songs you don't expect. I will then summarize each week's song picks into a blog entry and try my darnedest to feature listenable links... and maybe even, dare I say it, downloaded mp3 files. 

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So if you're interested in  hearing more of my late night ramblings, 365 days of music starting tomorrow, or general shit that processes from my neutrons to my keyboard, follow me on twitter.   


  1. Would you be offended if I joined you in this 365 days of music? I know some people don't like when others steal ideas. I just like the idea of going back through my music in a year and seeing what I've listened to. Full credit of this idea will be given to you, of course. We could also trade good tunes, since I'll obvs be following you.

  2. Haha yeah of course go right ahead Tayler. Maybe we could even do a compare and contrast of our weekly picks. I plan on doing week themes every once in a while, see what different tunes we come up with! Could be fun! Still haven't chosen what tomorrow's song will be.

  3. I will link to your posts/blog every time I do one. Compare and contrast could be fun.