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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Style X 4

This is what I hope I look like every day of my life. 

I love every single item in this picture. 

Love the way you dress. 


  1. i will join you. i want a leopard print coat so badly. have you seen my tights?

  2. I have leopard print tights too! Ha, i say we 'accidentally' wear them out together, and see how different our outfits turn out.

    Also, saw a girl at work today with a gorgeous zebra print trench coat. I was going to ask where it was from, but she was having a very intense (away from her dinner table) phone conversation. I decided against it.

  3. OMG we should wear them at the same time, i bet we would have totally different (but obvs, cute) outfits.

    Maybe you will see zebra trench woman again.

  4. also this image makes me want to wear high heels more