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Monday, February 15, 2010

7000 words

Third installation of my iPhone as a camera. 

Fairmont Banff Springs' mini ketchup received with breakfast tray. Is my hand really big? Or is it just really really whittle? 

At the PVR airport Jan 2010, didn't get the memo about H1N1 passing. The scene of a horror film involving demonic hand carved Mexican toys. 

Because my dog really needs to use her paws while reading. 

Worst air brushing I've seen in a while. Joe Fresh propagating that it's appealing to be a ginger contorted anorexic. 

Best brand specific plastic bottle recycling I've come by. The container states that it's made from recycled bottles. Stationed beside a Coke pop machine at a local arena, full circle anybody? Beautiful. 

At Cora's the most delicious and sunny breakfast place in the city. Even the napkins make my hungover self feel less nauseated.  :D

Adorable fluffy 6 month old male golden at Elbow park. We hope to force his father into adultery to hook up with my dog next time she's in heat. PUPPIES! 

Capturing life's mundane moments, and putting them on my blog. 

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