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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A room of my own

Alright, so as a high school student I was incredibly envious of the girl's featured at the end of each Teen Vogue.
'She' would always be some marvelously rich New Yorker, who while not riding at the barn would be drinking beers with Marc Jacobs. Her room, in its decorative splendor and hipster glory was photographed and the main theme of the page.  She would always quote the like: "Oh that zebra print carpeting was put in by (insert famous rock star here) before my father ( has some building named after him) bought the penthouse, I just J'dore it!" Satire out.
So, the other day I took pictures of my favorite sights in my bedroom; in the hopes of appearing even an eighth as cool as the Teen Voguers. But really, these are the sights that make me happy while I'm stuck in my room for hours on end studying, or trying to escape my siren loud European parents.  Don't judge me, teenage-hood is a confusing place. 

As featured in a previous blog entry, I now use clip boards to display art. L to R: Degas' Dancers, Old New Yorker Cover from 06, Bubble wrap with a giant 9 of diamonds in it, and of course a print of Audrey cerca Holly Golightly. Yes, the diamonds do sparkle. 

A vinyl wall sticker I ordered from Etsy. I love everything Victorian, except for the poetry. 

World's best DVD collection. 

Second vinyl wall sticker, the red parts are heart stickers of all of the places I've visited. I want this to map to look like the USSR, red!

The view right above where I am writing this entry. My picture clothes line and print lamp. To answer your question, yes, I am wearing one of those symbol monkey hats. 

Lastly, my window pane of dried roses. These were a birthday gift from my mother. Seeing as how  I cannot, despite all efforts maintain plant life I have changed my attitudes and now prefer dead flowers. Take that cognitive dissonance!

  Home may be where the heart is, but this is where the sanity remains. 

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