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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Solid Sents

This week's eco-product: solid perfume.

I have found three different brands of solid perfume that provide great smelling, compact, and minimal waste odor benefits.  The above Ganesha's Garden can be bought online, or at your local Planet Organic store for around $10 each. These have the capability of being personalized, for your specific olfactory cravings. Plus, all of the ingredients are natural and come in a meticulously hand carved stone box which can also be reused. 

My favorite and currently used Lush solid perfume American Cream, is packaged in a compact 100% recycled aluminum package. Its main ingredient is pure vanilla, and costs $7.95. There are 7 more sents viewable via the link above.

These are gorgeously packaged 100% natural solid fragrances. You can find Pacificia solid perfumes and products at a lot of speciality stores- mine came from the local Wonderlust- for about $9-13 dollars each. My favorite: the Gardenia perfume. Each scent also has corresponding candles, lotions, soaps, and even spray perfume. 

Solid smells- sexy and sustainable. 

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  1. you have inspired me to buy a solid perfume for when i go to vancouver next week