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Monday, January 31, 2011


Contemplative romantic melodies and a couple syckkk dance beatzz! 
Source: WeHeartIt

267/365: I'm In Here, Sia.
Sea-a? Sigh-a? She-a? Doesn't matter, she's amazing.

268/365: Oh Hark, Lisa Mitchell.
Once again I leave my grave, leave my grave, leave my grave.

269/365: She's Got You High, Mumm-Ra.
And you don't even know yet.

270/365: Alligator, Tegan and Sara.
Rattled yes, it's true, alligator tears spilled over you.

271/365: Erase Me, Kid Cudi Feat. Kanye West.
Wish I could erase Kanye's name from the contributers line. Great song.

272/365: Coin Laundry, Lisa Mitchell.
Addictive like the smell of freshly laundered clothing. This song is adorable, this video is adorable, this girl is adorable. She looks exactly like a young Audrey Hepburn.

273/365: Teenage Dream, Katy Perry.
This is a criminally guilty pleasure. But it just makes me feel so sexy and juvenile!

38 down, 14 to go! 

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