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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was in Ottawa visiting friends, and thus culminated this playlist of party/attemptive study music. All the excitement of being in Canada's capital made me miscount my musical days once more. I always claimed to suck with dates, even current ones.  I skipped 248, and am thus perpetually on Calgary time. How about we get drunk and forget all about it?

Musicians in The Market.

246/365: No Beef, Afrojak and Steve Aoki.
Effed up camel. My party song for the month of November.

247/365: No One's Gonna Love You, Cee Lo Green.
When things start splitting at the seams and now, it's tumbling down, hard.

248/365: Dynamite, Taio Cruz.
I'm suffering from an ailment causing me to throw my hands up in the air sometimes.

249/365: The Strangers, St.Vincent.
Paint the black hole blacker. Sounds like Disney symphonies combined with synth.

250/365: All or Nothing, O-Town.
Is it my attraction to Ashley Angel, or is this song just really really good.

251/365: Knife, Grizzly Bear.
Can't you feel the n-i-nj-nijaf-knife.

252/365: All Fired Up, Interpol.
See I've got this soul, it's all fired up. (Really wish the next line was "Maybe it's just the herpes")

35 down, 17 to go! 

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