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Sunday, September 12, 2010


This week I found my old CD's from the early 2000s, you're welcome.

Source: WeHeartIt

154/365: Cold Hard B*****, Jet.
Just a kiss on the lips and I was on my knees, oh waiting give me... more CD GOLD? I think I will!

Day 155/365: Shalala Lala, Vanga Boys.
What's that? Oh, I'm just making some noise for the vanga boys.

Day 156/365: My Everything, 98 Degrees.
How old is Nick now? Do you think he's over Jessica and ready for our inevitable love affair?

Day 157/365: Bang Bang Boom, The Moffats.
Do da do do, Do da do do. Just time traveled to 2001.

Day 158/365: Just For You, Janet Jackson.
Yes it's cool, yes I'm in the mood. Overtly sexual songs for children!

Day 159/365: Bring Down The House, S Club.
Ummm, the S stands for Sanja club. This was my argument, for an entire year of my young life.

Day 160/365: Liquid Dreams, O-Town.
Songs about ejaculation whilst sleeping, for kids! Who thought it was OK for 10 yr old me to hear this?

22 Down, 30 to go!

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