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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sea-foam Nostalgia

I want you to come to the beach!

I always forget how much I hate winter, until it comes. Although playing around in the snow and drifting every street corner is gleeful, nothing is fun when it's -25 outside. Since I have just finished my two hardest finals, amidst the liquid nitrogen conditions; I feel like I have no excuse not to be fully amped for sunshine and surf! I don't know if it's the lack of vitamin D, or the fact that my facial complexion is better when I am tanned, but I crave scolding sun rays. I would take being incredibly hot to even slightly chilly any day. Slightly ironic that I am so against global warming.  Forget Christmas, I am more excited for January 2nd and the start of  my trip to Mexico. I find that the higher the temperature the more elated my mood becomes. Here's to drinking mojitos and making snowmen in the sand!

Plus, a childhood dream of mine will be fulfilled on this trip: Swimming with dolphins!

Do things that make your happy, and charge it on your credit card!

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