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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Eco Product of the Week!

So I have been thinking of instating a weekly blog entry about my favorite eco-friendly product finds for a while now. Today is early Christmas for you my lucky blog family. For here is my first weekly post.
JASON Hair Care Products:
All natural, organic, recycled & recyclable packages,  and best of all affordable!

I am currently using this scalp tingling shampoo. It's great for my seasonal psoriasis.
Although all JASON shampoos have matching conditioners I am in love with how yummy smelling this one is. For someone who considers herself a condition-aholic (I never comb, just condition), this stuff works moisture wonders and smells amazing!

They have other great products I am excited to try too including: creams, deodorants, and body washes. Check out all of the products on their website.  Or go to your local Super Store ( In the organics esle), or Safeway and scope the stuff out yourself.

Love your hair, and the earth.

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