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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Webcam Photos

Bizzare images taken at the most sporadic of times. 
These are my webcam photos, also known as pictures of myself every time I re-realise I have a webcam. After watching An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube, I'm convinced most of us have photos similar to this. Thus, I bare mine, for the sanctity of our new found Internet culture. 

S mug from Anthropologie photo shoot. 

Ignoring studies in Law Library, boyfriend seemingly decapitated behind. 

Cute cupcake apron celebration. 

In Rome with little cousin Martina.  

Suited up & eating liquorice.

Cruella Deville lipstick application mirror. 

Comicbook heroin. 

Singing Numa Numa.

Photographic participant observation. 

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