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This is my brain:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Childhood Thoughts

All Images Sources: WeHeartIt
Could I be identified based on the breath I blow into a balloon? Would the air have my face on it? Does it smell?

Is that kid really allergic to peanuts or do they just not like them?

Only girls with the name Kimberly (pink ranger's name) could ever be happy.

People who give away whole chocolate bars at Halloween must be incredibly wealthy.

Why does the Trix Rabbit sell yogurt on TV but not in stores near my house? - My first experience of American advertising in Canada.

Spaghetti straps are the coolest!

I wonder if anyone peed or hid chocolate in this ball pit - Every single time I was in a ball pit. I felt around the bottom with my toes to investigate.

Does Aaron Carter know how often I think about him? That I have A CRUSH on him?

Tele buddies are so strange, why would someone only eat toast with faces on it and custard?!?

Why don't they have Nutella available everywhere? - Still think this constantly.

Do the Pokemon people know that pika (Pikachu's entire vocabulary) means girl's private parts in my language (Serbo-Croatian)?

Do we really need patrollers? I mean there is a cross walk light where we patrol. - The very proud yet unconvinced patrol captain in me.

If I had a giant Disney Land Lollipop everyone would think I was the best.

All adults have everything figured out and correct, they're all so smart. - WRONG!

I really wish I had Asthma, the buttons on those puffer things are so huge and awesome, I just want to press one. Plus those kids don't have to do sports.

Semi-developed brains have the best thought patterns. 


  1. oh my god.. I'm laughing at the ball pit thing.. and I used to think the same thing about inhalers! I always wanted one. I even tried to tell my parents I thought I had asthma so I could get one.. turns out, I didn't.

  2. Just think how funny this will be when we are seniors..